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Theresa Rogers

Theresa Lost 51 Pounds!

I thought I was going to talk about the 51 pounds I’ve lost since starting this journey. Now I’m sitting here, typing this letter in pants that are two sizes smaller than when I started this journey. Pants that haven’t come out of the back of the closet for eight years! I can’t believe it.I feel so much better. In fact, I feel amazing. I have more energy and I feel happier and handle stress better. I am strong and confident, and I know this is a change I’m making for the rest of my life.

Tiffany Lee


Before I started the bootcamp, I wasn’t that fit, I did some running and kind of worked out from home (tried P90X and Insanity) but it wasn’t something consistent so my weight fluctuated and my diet was poor. When I committed myself to joining Joe’s Fight Fit Bootcamp I never felt better and in all honestly, I have more self confidence in myself, I feel moreenergetic, alive and overall I feel healthy, stronger and look toner. I am extremely pleased with my results right from the beginning, within weeks I started to notice the difference and in time I got stronger. For those of you looking to join, it’s absolutely worth it! Fight Fit Bootcamp has a family community, you’ll feel the warm welcomes right from the start. I always tell Joe how I like that there is a sense of community within the Bootcamp! Everyone is friendly, encouraging and helpful! Everyone is there to achieve their personal goals (big or small) and we look out for one another. Joe has built a great place for people to come workout and work hard! Whether you are currently in shape, out of shape, getting back into working out, I encourage you to come and challenge yourself with Joe’s Fight Fit Bootcamp! You’ll be addicted to it and you won’t be disappointed!

The Formula

Our program blends the magic of After-burn workouts and the fun of kickboxing for an exciting workout like no other


A full body striking style that incorporates Muay Thai, Karate, Tae Kwon Do and boxing technique for a total body fight. We combine it with full body conditioning exercises to improve your fitness. (Gloves and hand wraps required)


An upper body striking style that also incorporates footwork and head movement. We combine it with lower body conditioning exercises to build your endurance. (Gloves and hand wraps required)


A fight inspired interval training, we get to utilize a variety of equipment to get a full body workout. Some equipment we may use: Dumbbells, kettlebells, equalizer bars, medicine balls. No personal equipment required.

Watch the video below to learn more about what we do at Fight Fit Kickboxing Bootcamps

If you’re ready to make big changes, you’ve come to the right place.

Peta Merrick


I’ve have many TYJ (Thank You Joe) moments over the past 5 months that I’ve been an active member of Fight Fit Boot Camps. Every morning that I get ready for work and realize 1. how much larger my wardrobe has gotten now that I can fit into all my per-pregnancy clothes again and 2. that these garments fit BETTER than when I initially bought them….all I can say is TYJ. When I first started coming to kickboxing classes once a week in early 2012, I was really impressed with how much I sweat and how easy it was to get along with Joe. Nonetheless I eventually stopped coming out to class, convinced that as a mom of a 1 year old, I just didn’t have the time or energy to spare for getting into shape. I finally took the plunge in the New Year. I went from dragging myself out of bed groggy and grudging for 6AM classes in which my chest burned from being so out of shape to waking up before my alarm eagerly anticipating what new challenges Joe had in store for me today. So much more than my measurements and weight have changed since I signed up with Joe. I’ve gained confidence and discipline but for me the greatest by product of the experience has been the sense of empowerment I feel knowing that Joe has given me the tools I need to be more effective in reaching my fitness/lifestyle goals. The pinnacle of my success with Joe so far has nothing to do with my wardrobe or what the scales say. The very first assessment I ever did with Joe, I held a front plank for 30 exhausting seconds. About 5 months later, at our last asses ments, I held my front plank for the maximum 3 minutes and was ready to continue even longer. TYJ.

Fiona Man


Since starting Fight Fit Bootcamp, I have lost 20 pounds…all thanks to Joe! Fight Fit Bootcamp is not like any other bootcamp where you are constantly doing drills (i.e. sit-ups, push-ups, and sprints). They integrate kickboxing, kettle bell, and changes up the exercises throughout the week to create muscle confusion and a total body workout. The results with me really do speak for themselves. Originally I purchased an online deal for these classes with no expectations but a high level of intimidation as I have never done kickboxing before.

All levels of intimidation were diminished after the first class. They create such a warm and inviting environment where not only he teaches you the technique and proper movements but your peers are also there to help and motivate. Essentially Fight Fit Bootcamp is a family; this is what sold me into purchasing a membership. I started going once a week and now I’m going three to four times a week because I enjoy working out.

It’s not like going to the gym where you have the same routine and all you’re doing is cardio and lifting weights. And it’s more cost effective than having a personal trainer. You can see how much passion Joe has for his business and his students. He is constantly motivating us for a healthier lifestyle by distributing weekly newsletters, bringing in a naturopath, and conducting one-on-one assessments. Plus, if you ever get injured in class, Joe knows how to wrap you up!

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