What’s your mom worth?


With Mother’s Day coming up, I saw an unusual, but clever gift designed specifically for moms…


Knowing that many moms feel undervalued, lets you generate a “paycheck” for moms based on the number and age of children, duties, etc.


Although the check isn’t real, it’s designed to give an idea what mom’s would be earning if they were getting paid for their duties.


I know my mom had to juggle a lot when I was a kid, and although I don’t tell her enough, I really appreciate what she’s done for me. If I could, I’d write her a check from $1,000,000 of back pay 😉


But unfortunately, I don’t have $1,000,000 (yet…)


markham womens bootcamp money


What I do have is a Markham Fitness and fat loss workout to help most mom’s get burn fat, tone their arms and thighs and finally fit back into the skinny jeans before they had kids 😉


So, I posted a mother’s day workout on my blog to show appreciation for all the mom’s of the world.


It’s a workout from my upcoming workout program, and this one’s called the “New York” a 15 min circuit, that you can do in your home.


New York – This workout is inspired by the fast paced New York life, and each set is one minute paying homage to the “New York Minute.” Perform 3 sets non-stop for 15 min straight.


– Skipping rope 1 min

– Push-ups 1 min

– Squats 1 min

– Rows 1 min

– Front Lunges 1 min


Note: Mother’s spend a lot of time giving, so in the spirit of Mother’s Day we are offering a discount on our web-special for those that want to come try out our Markham Fitness workouts. For $29 you’ll get:


– 4 sessions
– fitness assessment,
– 1-on-1 kickboxing session
– 2 fat loss repots
– and for a limited time, a FREE t-shirt!


Just enter the promo code “mom” and you’ll instantly save 20%! Get it here:


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