Discover How You Can Burn as Much as 30 lbs of Ugly Fat Quickly and Easily in as Little as 6 Weeks!

WARNING: The “Fight Fit Transformation Challenge” Is NOT for everyone.

The “Fight Fit Transformation Challenge” is only for success minded people that are willing to put in the effort on the workouts we provide over the next 6 weeks. If you’re an action taker and all you need is the motivation, accountability, and support, then continue reading because these next 6 weeks could literally TRANSFORM your life forever!

Dear Friend,

This may be the most awesome things I've stumbled upon to help my clients burn more fat and get into shape faster.

Let me explain...

I've been testing out a new training program for my clients that not only burns more calories while they're working out with me - but it keeps burning extra calories even after their workout.

Sounds crazy, right?

The post workout calorie burn is actually called "after burn" and it only takes place when a few critical factors are accomplished during the workout.

I won't bore you with the details of the science behind "after burn", but what I can tell you is that if these few critical things are done during your workout, then you can expect to have an elevated metabolism for up to 18 hours AFTER your workout.

Now, just the "after burn" factor is amazing in itself because it's almost like getting twice the workout results from each workout.

BUT I Figured Out A Way Where I Can Get My Clients FASTER results…

Yep, this other way of burning more fat and getting faster muscle toning results has nothing to do with exercise science at all.

It's actually all about human psychology...

See, what I figured out was when I train my client in a group setting they actually workout harder. (human nature is to compete I guess)

So then I got to thinking and decided that if I can put together a body transformation challenge where I can train my clients in a group, for a period of time (six weeks), and give the person with the best transformation a prize (like one of the latest iPads) then you'd really see amazing results!

Makes sense, right?


In fact here's what I expect AVERAGE results to be on this six week body transformation challenge.

Men can expect to drop 25 – 32 pounds of fat Women can expect to drop 12-24 pounds of fat


on average men can expect to lose: 6.5 inches from their waist and women can expect to lose 4.8 inches from their waist

Yes, all this in six weeks.

It’s true, while in a meeting with our team of amazing fitness coaches we came up with a breakthrough solution where you can workout with us and together we’d help you take your transform your body.

Best of all, we figured out a way to accelerate the entire program and make it a 6 Week program rather than a full 6-12 months.

Imagine that, for a 6 Weeks we’ll practically take you by the hand and show you exactly how to burn off the stubborn stomach fat, tone your arms and thighs, and fit into your favorite pair of skinny jeans.

And it’s not going to cost you anywhere near the $297/month or $82/session I charge for my private sessions and boot camp programs. In fact, you’ll pay less than $6.05/day to get access to me, my workouts, my nutrition program, and my team of top performaing fitness coaches who will hold you by the hand and make sure that you stay accountable to get you maximum results.

I’ll give you the details of the “Fight Fit Transformation Challenge” Program in just a second…

If you currently subscribe to my Fitness and Fat Loss Newsletter, or have invested in any of our programs, or simply have been referred to us from the a friend or family member that’s gotten amazing results, then I am 100% certain that we both can agree on this…

My fitness and fat loss program delivers MAXIMUM RESULTS IN MINIMUM TIME, which is the main reason why I am regarded as one of (if not) the best fitness coaches in Markham and GTA. And you can see documented evidence of this in the success stories below.

However – The Fight Fit Transformation Challenge Program Is Not For Everyone! So please read what people just like you have to say about my programs – and decide for yourself if it’s right for YOU…

“I’ve gained confidence and discipline but for me the greatest by product of the experience has been the sense of empowerment”

I’ve have many TYJ moments over the past 5 months that I’ve been an active member of Fight Fit Boot Camps. Every morning that I get ready for work and realize 1. how much larger my wardrobe has gotten now that I can fit into all my per-pregnancy clothes again and 2. that these garments fit BETTER than when I initially bought them….all I can say is TYJ.

When I first started coming to kickboxing classes once a week in early 2012, I was really impressed with how much I sweat and how easy it was to get along with Joe. Nonetheless I eventually stopped coming out to class, convinced that as a mom of a 1 year old, I just didn’t have the time or energy to spare for getting into shape. For New Years 2013, Joe had a New Years Revolution promotion and after months of reading his newsletters and seeing other promotions that I couldn’t take advantage of because of my schedule, I finally took the plunge.

I went from dragging myself out of bed groggy and grudging for 6AM classes in which my chest burned from being so out of shape to waking up before my alarm eagerly anticipating what new challenges Joe had in store for me today.

So much more than my measurements and weight have changed since I signed up with Joe. I’ve gained confidence and discipline but for me the greatest by product of the experience has been the sense of empowerment I feel knowing that Joe has given me the tools I need to be more effective in reaching my fitness/lifestyle goals. Between his newsletters and personal coaching calls, Joe educates us all on how to actively pursue a healthier, fitter, better you.

The pinnacle of my success with Joe so far has nothing to do with my wardrobe or what the scales say. The very first assessment I ever did with Joe, I held a front plank for 30 exhausting seconds. About 5 months later, at our last assessments, I held my front plank for the maximum 3 minutes and was ready to continue even longer. TYJ.

– Peta Merrick

Here’s How This Whole Thing Works…

It’s a six week body transformation program specifically designed to burn fat and tone muscles while you work out with my trainers and I and while achieving the coveted “after burn” effect so you can burn more fat once you leave boot camp.

“After burn” is the state of heightened metabolism that takes place after a really good workout when certain variables take place during the workout session. In fact it’s scientifically proven that you can go into after burn and torch more calories for as much as 30 hours after a workout.

Each workout session is designed to put your body into “after burn” to help get the most fat loss during the six week program.

Here is the best part… THIS IS A CHALLENGE! The participant with the most points at the end of the program will win some amazing prizes (our first challenge gave away over $1000 in prizes!!)

When Does The Fight Fit Transformation Challenge Begin?

The next 6 Week Transformation Challenge will start on Monday, January 12th, 2015.

For those selected, we will have a MANDATORY MEETING to go over the program info and weigh ins on Saturday, January 10th, 2015 from 8:00am to 11:00am.  To take part in this challenge, you must attend the meeting. 

No other date will be provided.

Have I sparked your interest?…

Here are just a few additional details that those selected to take part in this Challenge will commit to and receive:

  • commit to working out with my team of trainers and I for 6 weeks, at a minimum of 3 times per week
  • have your before and after measurements and pictures taken to document the incredible results you will be achieving with this program
  • receive the 6 Week Transformation Challenge program guide which details all the program rules covering training and nutrition during your 6 week program
  • receive an “at home” body weight only training program so in the rare occasion that 3 work outs cannot be attended, you can ensure you still get your work out in. These “at home” workouts can also be done as bonus training for even better results
  • receive an authorized food list of acceptable foods which can be eaten during the program,
  • a 1 week “sample menu” guide,
  • a dietary fats guide,
  • and a “cheat” guide, all designed to supercharge fat loss and lean muscle growth during the 6 weeks
  • commit to logging your nutrition daily (this takes 5 minutes, we’ll show you how), and brining your previous days nutrition logs with you to all training sessions you attend during the 6 weeks
  • learn about the “secret sauce”, the 8/16 approach to burning fat like you never burned fat before, and discover how much protein, carbs, fat, and calories you really need to achieve the body you are after
  • access to a secret online support forum which will help keep you motivated and allow daily updates on the program and how you can achieve even greater success

Still need more proof? Check out some more of our success stories below…

“I have more self confidence in myself, more energy and feel more alive”

I first started the Fight Fit Bootcamp back in June of 2012 with my Groupon and I instantly fell in love with the classes. By no means were they easy to get through at first, but I really liked how each class was different, challenging, the intensity varied so it wasn’t something that was a routine or mundane. Before I started the bootcamp, I wasn’t that fit, I did some running and kind of worked out from home (tried P90X and Insanity) but it wasn’t something consistent so my weight fluctuated and my diet was poor. When I committed myself to joining Joe’s Fight Fit Bootcamp I’ve never felt better and in all honestly, I have more self confidence in myself, more energy, feel more alive. I am stronger and look a lot toner. I am extremely pleased with my results right from the beginning, within weeks I started to notice the difference and in time I got stronger. Some great elements of the Bootcamp are the coaching calls and the Facebook forum. Joe taught me how to eat better by following some guidelines and kept me accountable each week and on the Facebook group page, you can post questions and get answers quickly.

For those of you looking to join, it’s absolutely worth it! Fight Fit Bootcamp has a family community, you’ll feel the warm welcomes right from the start. I always tell Joe how I like that there is a sense of community within the Bootcamp! Everyone is friendly, encouraging and helpful! Everyone is there to achieve their personal goals (big or small) and we look out for one another. Joe has built a great place for people to come workout and work hard! Whether you are currently in shape, out of shape, getting back into working out, I encourage you to come and challenge yourself with Joe’s Fight Fit Bootcamp! You’ll be addicted to it and you won’t be disappointed!

– Tiffany Lee

I lost a total of 23 lbs and dropped my body fat by 17%

I started with Joe in the beginning of March and had a 37% body fat. Today (June 20th), I weighed myself and I lost a total of 23 lbs and dropped my body fat by 17%. I lost 9 inches from waist and hips. I was a size 8 before pregnancy and size 10 after giving birth. I took out one of my “motivation” pants which have been waiting for me to fit in for the past 2 years. Not only it fit me, it was a bit loose on me. This pants is a size 6. Does it mean that I should start shopping for size 4 now? I dropped a total 6 dress sizes. I am more fit now than ever and still continuing my weight loss.

Being able to find Joe is probably one of the most valuable things I have done. I am addicted to his workout routine and now addicted to the food I am cooking every day. I want to eat healthy. I want to be more active and I want to be strong.
Joe, you are the only person who has helped me achieve my goal weight and made me a total healthy eater and fighter. I highly recommend him to everyone who wants to look good and gets fit. It’s just a phone call and a first “horrifying” assessment away (just kidding). It will change your life. I know mine did. If a busy new mom can do it, you can too!

– Sammi Wang

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body fat!

Now before clicking off this page and thinking that this isn’t for you, ask yourself the following questions…

If you do nothing, what will your body look like as the days, weeks, and months go by?

Will it be the same?

Or worse?.....maybe even a few pounds heavier?

Deep down inside...

Do you want to finally be 10, 15, even 20 pounds lighter?

Do you want to finally lose 1, 2, 3 or more inches off your waistline?

Do you want to finally decrease body fat while increasing lean muscle?

Do you want amazing energy while not starving yourself?

Do you want to be a part of something amazing?

If so... fill out the Expression of Interest form below.

This doesn't guarantee that you will be chosen as one of our next Challengers, but it does give you a better chance then those who don't fill it out.

We will be reviewing all submissions and when all the details of the program are ready to be released, those on our list (from applying below) will be contacted first and given the first opportunity to join.

We are limiting enrollments in this next Transformation Challenge to ensure that every Challenger is taken care of and given our utmost attention and support.

If you want more info and a chance to be one of our next Transformations, fill out your info below.

Fighting to keep you fit,

Joseph "Joe Fight" Hsiung B.Sc.

Markham's #1 Fitness and Fat Loss Expert

P.S. Look… 6 weeks from now you can be celebrating your fitness success as you finally glide back into you skinny jeans – looking amazing, being happy and looking the way you should, or you can just be another year older with no future and no hope. Stop the madness and start having the body you were born to live today.

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