Our Fitness Ambassador Contest

We have exactly 2 weeks left in our Fitness Ambassador Contest happening right now.


If you didn’t know, not only do the biggest losers get crowned the fight fit champ, they ALSO win a $400 spa package!


Check out the winner of our last contest, Monica won an iPad mini!


This was a sold out contest because 17 action takers decided to step up and commit to at least 6 weeks of our Markham Kickboxing program to lose those last 12-16 pounds for whatever’s left of summer.


The first step for many is the most difficult, and like a famous Chinese proverb says:


“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”


And it’s these small steps that help you achieve your big fitness or fat loss goals.


If you think you’ll lose that 20-30 pounds you gained over the the last 3 years in 3 weeks, you’ll be quite disappointed…


And I’ll bet my boot camp that if you do, you’ll gain it back FAST!


That’s why we do mandatory measurements every 6 weeks, because it ensures we are losing fat consistently.


That’s why we reward our ninja’s with bands to recognize their achievements and small victories.


That’s why we have a system that helps keep you accountable every step of the way.


And having these things help guarantee results will last a lifetime!


There’s only a few weeks left in summer but you can still take advantage of our ridiculous web special and take that single step to finally getting flat abs for the summer.


Matter of fact, it’s actually my birthday today so I’m having a 20% off sale on it when you enter the promo code “bday”


With the web special you’ll get:

– 4 sessions
– 1 semi private kickboxin intro
– 2 fat loss reports
– for a limited time FREE t-shirt and hand wraps


Normally this would be $29 but if you enter the promocode “bday” you’ll save 20%

Free Private Kickboxing Session ($60 Value)
Free Fitness Audit and Assessment
Free Fat Burning Foods Report
Free Abs Secret Report
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