So What the Heck is Markham Kickboxing Bootcamp?

Never been out to our workouts yet, in a sec I’ll explain exactly what we’re about.


But first, a little back story…


From our humble beginnings in a stinky gymnastics facility to our brand new facility a lot has changed.

Markham Kickboxing Bootcamp

I started this whole program teaching nothing but kickboxing to a couple of friends in our old Markham location.


It was a great workout, made you sweat and helped you let off some stress.


A few more people joined in, and started asking how do I finally fit back into my skinny jeans?


I told them we needed more than just kickboxing so we started our now famous “after-burn” workouts! We first started doing them out in the park, people loved it and more people started to join in on the action.

Markham Kickboxing Bootcamp


The combination of kickboxing workouts and after-burn workouts helped dozens of members finally hit their fitness and fat loss goals.

Markham Kickboxing Bootcamp The results speak for themselves! Members were not only burning fat, they were gaining muscle and learning to kick butt at the same time

Markham Kickboxing Bootcamp We measured everyone’s result religiously, combining nutrition coaching for a well rounded program.

MArkham Kickboxing Bootcamp

We are now so good at burning fat we offer a 30 day money back guarantee that you will lose that last 10-20 pounds.


You can even try out Markham Kickboxing Bootcamp for 4 session of our program here: for only $29.


Free Private Kickboxing Session ($60 Value)
Free Fitness Audit and Assessment
Free Fat Burning Foods Report
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