Markham Boot Camp, Not A Gym, A Community

Bringing people together like there is a sense of community is just one of the things we do at Fight Fit Bootcamp. For those of you who have already experienced this, you know what I’m talking about. For those of you that are on my email list but haven’t experienced the awesome community at our Markham boot camp just keep reading and you will see why working out with us has a feeling of home.


“I started the Fight Fit Bootcamp back in June of 2012”, states Tiffany. “I joined through a Web Special (Get one HERE) and I instantly fell in love with the classes. By no means were they easy to get through at first, but I really liked how each class was different, challenging, and the intensity level varied so it wasn’t something that was routine or mundane.”


This is my client, Tiffany Lee. Before Tiffany joined Fight Fit, she states she wasn’t that fit. She did some running and kind of worked out from home doing programs like P90X and Insanity but she claims it wasn’t something consistent so her weight fluctuated and her diet was poor. I hear stories like this quite often.


All my clients are fun and exciting to work with. Each one brings something different to the table, and Tiffany was no exception. She felt she had fairly good knowledge of working out because she had been doing so in her mind. But when she started the classes with us she saw a whole new light to working out.


“When I committed myself to joining Joe’s Markham Boot camp, I committed to working hard and doing what I was told”, Tiffany mentions. “Honestly, I’ve never felt better. I have more self-confidence and feel more energetic and alive. Overall I feel healthier, stronger, and look toner.”


You see, at Fight Fit we just don’t teach sessions and then leave our clients to figure out what to do when they leave. We treat this like a family; a community. We have coaching calls and a Facebook forum where you can ask questions regarding nutrition and fitness or whatever you like really.


“Joe taught me how to eat better by following some guidelines and he kept me accountable each week”, states Tiffany. “On the Facebook group page you can post questions and get answers quickly. I am extremely pleased with my results and have been right from the beginning. Within weeks I started to notice the difference.”

Tiffany not only more toned, but healthier
Tiffany not only more toned, but healthier

We want everyone to be as happy as Tiffany and feel the sense of a family community. When there is a unity and common goals, the workouts are that much more fun and motivating.  Tiffany’s final comment lets me know we are doing the right thing for our Fight Fit community.


“I always tell Joe how I like that there is a sense of community within the Markham boot camp”, adds Tiffany. “Everyone is friendly, encouraging, and helpful. Everyone is there to achieve their personal goals (big or small) and we look out for one another. Joe has built a great place!”


If you’re interested in trying out our program and joining our community, get our ridiculous web special HERE.

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