Make 2014 The Best Year Ever

This past Sunday we had our annual Christmas Party at the gym and the turnout was awesome!


Good food and good company, along with wearing lipstick?


More about that later, but I wanted to share my quick recap of a presentation I gave about how my year has been.


I always like to look back and celebrate the small victories we’ve accomplished and I wanted to highlight a few ninjas that have had amazing transformations.


Sammi before after picture

Like Sammi “coconut” Wang, a busy mom she’s lost over 25 lbs.


Harrietta (1)

Our very own Harritta “pocket ninja” kam, that lost 10 lbs, dropped 8% body fat and now is teaching sessions and sharing her passion with others!

TJ before after combined

Then there’s TJ who’s lost over 80 lbs and still kicking butt!


A lot has changed since we started the bootcamp, from our humble beginnings in a gymnastics center with only 4 sessions a week, using whatever equipment we could and even working out doors when we didn’t have the space.













Now we have a 3100 sq ft. space, over 40 session times a week and over 150 members!


Needless to say 2013 has been my best year ever.


My business has grown bigger than I’ve ever dreamed and it’s because of the support of my friends, family and clients.


I got married in July to the girl of my dreams that has supported my for over 9 years.


And I now have a team to help support and spread my vision of fitness to reach more people than I could have ever done myself affording me the time to spend 3 weeks in Asia on our honeymoon.


I’m definitely blessed, and I shared 3 things that I think have helped me this year.


1. SMART goals – Writing specific goals that are measureable, attainable, realistic and time bounded and focusing on it daily.


2. Gratitude – Writing daily what I’m thankful for and how I can create an opportunity for others helps start my day off positive.


3. Tribe – Finding a tribe of like minded people to share an idea and common interest for support and motivation.

Markham Kickboxing Boot Camp

Well 2013, it was a blast.


Can’t wait for 2014, it’s going to be even better!


Happy Holidays.


P.S. We had a lip stick wearing contest, comment below to vote on who really won!


Markham Kickboxing Boot Camp






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