How to wrap hands for kickboxing

In this video we’ll learn how to wrap hands for kickboxing.

The following video is for those people that have the shorter wrist wraps

If you have the longer hand wraps follow these instructions:

1. Start with the loop throw your thumb along the back of your hand. It’s important to make sure the stitching side is facing down.

2. Wrap around your wrist 3 times fairly snug and it should finish with the wrap hanging off the outside of your hand.

3. Go around your thumb once making sure to wrap around fully making a figure 8.

4. Wrap around your fist 1 to 3 times depending on the length of your wraps.

5. Wrap through all the fingers going across the back of the hand.

6. Wrap around the fist again 1 to 3 times depending on the length of your wraps.

7. Wrap around the wrist and fist in a figure 8 pattern to lock in everything.

8. Finish any excess wrap around the wrist.

The wrap should be snug and limits movement. You shouldn’t however have your hand turn blue from lack of circulation.