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It’s the end of summer and time to look at getting back into a routine. Sometimes health and fitness gets lost during what can be lazy summer months for many. Finding a fitness plan that’s fun and flexible SHOULD on many people’s ‘to do’ list this fall.


I’m here to help with an option to get you going. It’s important for you to have a plan because we all know that failing to plan is like planning to fail.


And I want to make your fitness plan as affordable as possible for you. Keep reading…


Look, your long-term health and fitness can’t be addressed in a week or a month. It’s an ongoing commitment so it’s time to invest in your health. There’s NO better place to make that commitment than our Markham Kickboxing Boot Camp. I’m not one to blow my own horn, but you need to know that you’re in the BEST hands here at my camp.

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I’ve done a lot of research into what the MOST effective training strategy is for overall health, fitness, fat loss and weight maintenance. Studies show that the

biggest objection to working out is lack of time. But the good news is that the MOST effective workout turns out to be SHORT metabolic resistance training style workouts. Lots of folks don’t know how to do these on their own.

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Let’s look at some fat loss science:


One 2010 study proved that in 12 weeks with 4 day/week training 30 minutes/day at 70% max heart rate (steady state cardio), subjects lost NO weight.


Let’s look at a longer study…how about a 12-month study where subjects did 6 day/week steady state aerobics (or cardio training) for 60 minutes. That should cause some fat loss right? Nope, subjects lost an average of 3 lbs of weight in ONE YEAR.


Many of the ‘go-to’ exercise plans people fall back on is to do these ‘useless’ cardio workouts. If you’re not interested in fat loss of ANY kind, then this is the solution for you. As far as fitness goes, these cardio workouts fall short too.


But if you’re interested in building metabolism for long lasting weight loss and weight management, if you’re interested in long term fitness so that you can get through your day with loads of energy and be functionally fit, then you need to do more than these long slow cardio workouts.


What I’m suggesting is investing 40 min of sweaty, metabolism boosting exercise 3-4 times a week. Most people watch more TV than this, and what does that do for your health?


I’m happy to say that many of you are already coming to boot camp on a daily basis. This is great (even though so many took the entire summer off).

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How about I make you an offer so that you train for free one third of the time of your membership? That way you can get those 3-4 (or more!) workouts in weekly at the MOST affordable rate.


I give you as much value as possible with:

* Flexible times to meet your changing schedule

* Multiple sessions (40+/week)

* Amazing workouts that are different every day to keep your body guessing and so you advance your fitness level

* Done for you meal plans to support your fitness journey

* Cool trainers with their own flair and personality to keep camps exciting

* That ‘personal touch’ – we’ll help you with ANY injury or modification necessary to further your fitness

* The ability to ‘pause’ your membership for a month at a time if you have a holiday

* We won’t forget you – we’ll ‘stalk you’ or follow up with you to ensure you’re coming to camp


My goal is to make your boot camp experience one that you can’t live without and one that you want to share with family and friends. I want you to believe in boot camp and our sweaty metabolism muscle toning workouts the way I do.


Let’s save you some $$ on boot camp. I want you to make a personal commitment with a plan that will improve your health, up your fitness game, lower your body fat and increase the head turns your way.


I’ve decided to have a Grand Opening Sale…. It’s not something I do often.


When you decide to commit to boot camp with a ‘paid in full’ membership for 12 months, I’ll give you 6 months for FREE. This means that your cost per month is brought down to $111 (instead of the monthly one time fee of $247 or the member fee of $147). This means that you’ll save between $49-$149 MONTHLY.




If you’re currently a ‘paid in full’ boot camp member, you jump on this deal now and we’ll add it to the end of your current membership. (I know that many of you have your membership coming due in a month.)


This Grand Opening special will NOT be extended or offered again.


The sale runs from Sept 2nd– Sept 7th (First day of our grand opening) and I’ll limit this deal to the first 15 takers.


Contact Terry, Carmen or me to let us know you’re interested. You can call or email and we’ll get you set up. Call us at 647-907-5425 or you can email us


Thank you for trusting me with your health. I take this very seriously and I very much value when you choose Markham Kickboxing Boot camp as your fitness home. I want to give you another reason to stay and be as HEALTHY as you can be.


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