Feeling the Winter Blues?

Has the winter and cold sapped your motivation to workout?


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 You’re not alone, but the solution is actually pretty simple and it has to do with the sunshine vitamin.


If you don’t know…it’s Vitamin D.


Vitamin D isn’t actually a vitamin because our bodies can produce it when it’s exposed to direct sunlight.


Unfortunately, if you don’t have the opportunity to stand outside in the sun in your underwear for at least 20 min, you probably aren’t getting enough.


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Some studies even show if you don’t live south of Atlanta you aren’t getting enough!


More reason to take that winter vacation somewhere hot!


Studies also reveal that low vitamin D levels in the body are associated with:


– Increased loss of muscle strength and mass as we age
– Increased risk of cancers
– Lower levels of immunity
– Higher blood pressure
– The development of neurological disorders
– The development of diabetes


So, we know it’s important, where do we get it?


The sun is the most natural and it’s rare to find in foods, so the most effective way to get it is supplements.


You can get Vitamin D supplements from drug stores or health food stores and they usually come in 1000 IU pills.


Now the RDA recommends 200 IU of vitamin D daily, but riding your bike on a sunny day will produce 10 times that amount.


But because Vitamin D is fat soluble, it can be toxic to take too much.


There are different levels of Vitamin D we require depending on where we live, and because we’re in Canada we can consume up to 4000 IU and attempt to get 15-30 min of mid-day sun.


markham kickboxing boot camp vit d


So if you’re feeling tired and too lethargic, get some sunshine or supplement vitamin D and get your butt back in boot camp 🙂

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