Does Exercise Have to Be Boring?

Who says exercise has to be boring? Do you know how many times I’ve heard people say they quit doing Pilates or yoga or going to the gym because they got bored and lost motivation? Or better yet they work out and eat right but don’t see any results. I’ve heard it way too many times.

The latter is exactly what happened to my client, Lene Ergir. Lene started exercising three years ago. She mostly ran short distances (5K’s) in the summer/spring and would hit the gym in the winter. She claims she was a relatively healthy eater but wasn’t seeing any results.

Sound like a similar story?

Lene decided to make a change and became part of the Fit Fight Bootcamp family. “Joining Fit Fight Bootcamp has changed my life”, claims Lene. “I wasn’t severely overweight when I started back in September. I was 131 pounds. But, I wasn’t seeing the changes I wanted so I knew I had to try something different.”

People ask me all the time why they don’t see changes when they know they are exercising and eating right. There are a lot of people like Lene who aren’t in bad shape, work out hard but never see a change. If I truly had a buck for every time I came across this I will have a nice chunk of change.

You see, fitness and nutrition is not a ‘one size fits all’ type of deal. Every individual is different and has different genetics. Nutrition and exercise programs are based on these genetics, a person’s current fitness level and health, and their goals.

In the three months Lene has been with us she has lost 6 pounds and 5 inches off her waist. That is awesome; 5 inches off her waist! She exercised for three years and never saw changes like this.

Lene before after

“I have almost reached my fitness goal in just three months (just 1 pound to go)”, claims Lene. “I have learned a lot from Joe about nutrition and a healthy diet. I feel great! I am more toned and have most definitely gained more strength.”

Stories like Lene are what get me out of bed every day. It’s an awesome feeling knowing that what someone tried to accomplish in three years, we got done in three months! Our members don’t get bored and leave. Our training is motivating, fun, and challenging and never boring.

In Lene’s words, “You will be motivated in a fun and challenging environment surrounded by a great group of people and coached by a highly professional and friendly instructor.”

I love hearing statements like this. I love helping people change their lives. One of the best things Lene said to me was this, “I’m a stronger, sexier, leaner, mid-forties woman full of energy and self-confidence. Thank you so much Joe.”

It is simply awesome to be a part of helping people feel this good about themselves.

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