Passionate About Fitness and Martial Arts?

Discover A Career Where You Can Teach Your Passion.

Ever wondered if your passion for fitness and martial arts could become a rewarding and lucrative career? Just want to change lives or maybe even one day own your own gym or fitness or martial arts business?

Fight Fitness and Fight Fit Bootcamps is an organization that continues to grow at break-neck speeds. Join a company that is re-inventing the way a fitness business is done.

What we’re looking for:

  1. People who are totally committed and driven to help others.
  2. People that recognize a group can achieve more than an individual.
  3. Drive and determination to personally succeed through a continual commitment to personal growth.


  1. Nationally Recognized Personal Training Certification
  2. Fitness Kickboxing Level 1 Certification (Find next date ==> HERE)
  3. Degree or certificate in Fitness and Health an asset but not required
  4. Previous martial arts experience an asset

[us_testimonial author=”Thomas Thai” company=”Physiotherapy Student”]I’m forever grateful for Fight Fitness. Prior to working there I was introverted and had little experience. But, as I worked here I learned valuable skills on how to be a great fitness instructor. I increased my confidence to teach a large group of people. The confidence not only helped with my professional life, but also my personal life. I became better people person. I increased my passion to help others and most importantly it boosted my confidence to tackle life’s daily tasks. I developed great relationships with fellow members and staff which I can now call family.

Within a year of working at Fight Fitness, I accomplished several feats which I can attribute to the confidence gained from the position. I competed in physique competitions, got accepted to an overseas graduate progam, and continually stepped outside my “comfort zone.” I would recommend this organization to anyone. The experience you will gain is unparalleled. In addition, I saw how fast the business grew to 3 locations in one year! Anyone who is interested in working or doing an internship at Fight Fitness will be part of a fast growth company, and grow just as quickly.[/us_testimonial]

An Elite Team:

Whether you’re certified or not you will be required to complete our internal education program.

During the course of this time you will learn the fundamentals that will guarantee your success as a personal trainer.

You’ll learn:

  • Advanced anatomical and physiological concepts.
  • Physical assessment techniques.
  • You’ll learn to apply your assessment findings to develop safe, effective and practical client programming.
  • You’ll learn cutting edge concepts of how a successful fitness business is grown with the potential for advanced placement. (We’re looking for would be entrepreneurs to position in other markets, is this you?)

[us_testimonial author=”Chris Wise” company=”Full Time Manager”]

Having done the Fight Fit program I was inspired and extremely drawn to the style of training. The mix of kickboxing with intense conditioning circuits using Kettlebells, bodyweight, partner resistant work and pull up bars to provide an intense session of muscle building fun. After getting in the best shape of my life I decided that it was time to share what was taught to me with others. Getting my Fitness Kickboxing Certification gave me so much more confidence to continue teaching. Even with years of experience in various styles before meeting Joe (3 years Tae Kwan Do, 2 years Muay Thai), nobody had taken the time to teach me why certain things made sense and how to teach individuals from beginner to advanced. Now Every day I am excited to give my clients the best experience I can and the rewards are when a client tells me they have dropped a dress size or can now do pushups on their toes. Seeing what fitness can do to change people’s lives for the better on a regular basis is an amazing thing. I am so glad I found the Fight Fit program and now my success is measured by the success of the people that I train.


Compensation and Benefits:

We have two types of compensation available.

Compensation Package A: Paid internship. Guaranteed base salary with set hours with additional pay for client service hours. Never worry about how much you’ll make next month or how you’re going to pay your bills while you wait for clients, start with the full security of guaranteed income.

Compensation Package B: Control your own destiny, set your own hours of work or let us guide you to the hours to develop the biggest clientele in the shortest time.

Earn Full-Time Pay for Part-Time Hours:

  • Discover our “compensation perks” that ensure your best earning potential in the fitness industry.

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