April Fight Fit Champ

Every 6 Weeks We Select 3 People to Win the Coveted Fight Fit Champ Award. This award is for the person who has made the biggest transformation in not only body fat and strength, but also in the personal changes in their lives.

Everyone had worked their butts off, but we had to narrow it down to these 3 outstanding ladies that have given their everything during the 6 weeks.

Read their stories, and vote for who you think is deserving of the award.

Jenny McKineley

I came to Fight Fit Bootcamps almost one year ago, asking Joe to help me work fitness into my life. I came to him having already lost 100lbs, but hating the thought of exercise. There had never been any type of physical activity in my life that I had stuck with; it was always a mental struggle for me to physically get my body moving.

And now, here I am, almost one year later, having conquered my allergy to sweat and exertion, and coming to terms with the fact that I crave the feeling I get after a killer work out. I have a drive to attend my morning after-burn or kick-boxing classes, to push my limits, and high five my ninja friends. This in itself, I consider a miracle. Joe, and Fight Fit Bootcamps has changed my mental conditioning and outlook on my health in a way I had never thought possible.

So over the past 6 weeks, my focus, and personal goal was to build my strength. As I said, weight has always been a struggle for me, and I’ve learned over the years to focus less on what the scale reads, and more on how I feel in my body. That being said, although I did lose weight and inches over the past 6 weeks, what I am most proud of is how much stronger I became. I increased my squats by 9, my burpees by 6, my plank by 30 seconds and my pushups by 17!

The thing I like best about Fight Fit Bootcamps is the constant encouragement. The second I walk in the door at 6am, I am greeted by peers, and amazing fitness coaches who challenge me. Laura (my best bootcamp bud) and I even organized a game of Monkey Ball with our friends because we wanted to share our addiction with them (Thanks, Frank, for teaching us the joys of Monkey Ball!). We also roped a friend into a morning after-burn double session, and joined a soccer team!

Thank you to Joe, the fitness coaches and my fellow ninjas for helping me realize that I can use the 35 lb kettlebell, that I could hold plank for that extra 30 seconds, that I can do box jumps and that burpees are not my mortal enemy. But most of all, thank you for helping me realize that if I think I can, so it will be. Ninja for life!



Tiffany Wong

I first signed up for this program with the intention of diversifying my fitness routine. I am an avid runner but I find that it only provided cardio and not the strength training that I really needed to go the extra mile. I have tried kickboxing a couple years ago and really enjoyed it so when I first heard about Fight Fit coming to Stouffville, I felt like it would be a perfect opportunity to take my fitness up another level and to explore this interest once again.

Six weeks later, I can say that this program is everything I had hoped for and more. After just six weeks I feel like a completely new person full of endurance and strength; I’ve already lost three inches! The support I have received from my Fight Fit coach has also allowed me to really evaluate my eating habits and fully understand what portion control really mean (bye bye bags of chips). In addition to the health benefits, I am now a part of the Fight Fit community, which is a group of wonderful and supportive people who are just as committed as I am in achieving the goal of a healthy lifestyle and I can’t wait to see what other exciting changes the next six weeks, six months or year will bring. Hard work really does pay off and I know that along with my other Fight Fit girls, we can do this together!

Before - FrontBefore - SideAfter - FrontAfter - Side


Renee Lindo

I took the 6 week challenge with specific goals in mind; to lose 15lbs (10bls would have been more realistic) and be a solid size 8, size 6 would be a bonus. (Currently a size 10 and on occasion size 8). I am happy to say I did achieve my size 8 goal and so so much more… Thank you Fight Fit! I am so excited about Fight Fit, I absolutely love coming to work out and share my experience with all who will listen. I have done several different types of exercise programs and really enjoy Fight Fit. My reasons are plentiful; here are my top 8…

1) My WICKED trainer, Harrietta. She is extremely motivating, fun and I just love her energy. She truly wants us to reach our goals. She keeps it fun, intense and so worth my time. Love you Harrietta!!!

2) Variety-Each class is different, never the same class twice. This is awesome, muscle confusion! This keeps it fun and constantly working different body parts. From Kettle bells, medicine balls, TRx to calisthenics. Just a great workout!

3) Amazing group- The women who workout with us all have similar goals, to be healthy and fit. They are welcoming and so supportive.

4) Builds strength- Your overall strength is increased, from your core to legs to shoulders. A fantastic full body workout.

5) Efficient use of time-I don’t have a lot of time to work out so when I schedule time to work out, I have to get as much as can from it. I get a great, heart pounding, sweat dripping workout in 60 minutes.

6) Rank system-I like the ranking system as you always have something to work toward, very motivating, to keep us engaged.

7) Awesome weekly email tips-chocked full of great information that we can use right away and answers to many questions or struggles I am facing.

8) Coaching my overall health and fitness- Reviewing my eating habits in fitness pal to see where I may need extra coaching in my eating choices.

* Bonus* Active on social media-love connecting with other members cheering each other on

What I learned over these 6 wks is that being healthy is soo much more than just exercising. You can out eat any exercise program. Nutrition is extremely important. Harrietta constantly encouraged me to log my food into Fitnesspal so she could review and help. This really shows you how these “innocent snacks” really have deadly amounts of calories!!

Fight Fit is so much more than a gym or a kick boxing class. It is a way of life and I am so worth it, my family is worth it!! Thank you Harriett and Joe!

Renee Lindo Before frontRenee Lindo before sideRenee Lindo After frontRenee Lindo after side


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